Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Figure Paintings

The last painting is the one my teacher said was the best of the bunch.

Computer Illustration Final

For Computer Illustration, we had another open assignment, where we were simply tasked with making a piece as if we were submitting to a company we wanted to work for. I decided to do fashion illustration on a whim, and after looking up how different professional fashion illustrators handled their work, wanted to give the pieces a very loose and quick feel. The class decided my middle piece was the strongest of the bunch, and potentially could have stood on its own, I still had fun with the technique I used (scanning in line drawings and watercolor splotches and collaging them) and am glad with what I learned from the other two pieces. I intend to explore this more, and hopefully refine it into something really fantastic.

Storybook Illustrations

For my Illustration final, we had to do a triptych of square images, on any subject, they simply had to be related. I decided to illustrate three of Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales: Thumbelina, Little Match Girl, and The Little Mermaid. The images are meant to be viewed left to right, so the blog layout throws off their composition somewhat, but overall I am very satisfied with the result, especially since my teacher called the middle piece, Little Match Girl, remarkable.